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2011年 03月 13日

【雑記】What Can I Do?

I'm wondering what I can do for the those who have suffered from the mega quake. I have just been watching TV news coverages. Tsunami completely washed away everything. Nuclear power plants resulted in serious situations. In the metropolitan area, some workers couldn't go back to his house. The coverage is so limited that we can't have the whole picture of the earthquake.

I have some friends who live in Tohoku area. I have some friends whose hometown is Sendai. One of my friends, who was brought up in Sendai City, said that he will go back to his hometown with some stuff and see what is happening. I'm very impressed with his thought. If that happended in my area, what would I do?

Now I'm listening to John Kabira's radio program via radiko.jp . The songs and the messages (from both listeners and John) touch me very much. I think one of the responsibilities media should take is to cheer up the people in the worst situation and to deliver the necessary information. This is for the people in the disaster area.

Recovery from this disaster will be the next move. I have to think twice what I can do for people in that area.

My friends in Switzerland worried about me and sent me a message. I'm deeply touched!

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